Our Mission

The Hunting Happiness Project is a world happiness movement!  Our mission is to deliver happiness around the globe.  Each of our projects are designed to promote and inspire happiness!

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Our Roots

The Hunting Happiness Project was born from founder Sara Lahey’s burning desire to bring profound healing to the world.  It is from her unwavering commitment to help spread happiness that the foundation for our mission was set!

As a small child, Sara learned that there were people living in need of very basic comforts.  She worried, asked questions, and wanted so much to help, and as a child felt unbearably  unable to.  This made her longing to serve the world grow infinitely stronger.  Her heart was especially with children who seemed most at the mercy of circumstance.  She imagined she would spend her life in an orphange far away caring for children.

In college, Sara studied early childhood education, nursing, political science, and geography in search of how best to serve the world.  After college and extensive travel, Sara aquired her most profound insight.  The problems of the world were much larger than she had ever imagined and it often looked different than she expected.

Her whole life, she had always understood the greatest problems of the world to be people in need of food, safety, shelter, clean water, healthcare and education. Although these problems remained true, Sara saw that problems didn’t have to look like anything at all.  She realized that suffering was not exclusive to hungry people, people in need of schools or clean water, but rather that every single human being was in need.

The reality is that every human being without fail is in need.  Everybody needs love. Everybody could use a lift!  Regardless of what language one speaks, music they prefer, food they enjoy best, or God they believe in or not, everyone… everyone wants to be happy! Sometimes, it means food, shelter and clean water and sometimes it means a friend, a hug, and a lot of love.  To each person their struggles are their world. Sara’s devotion to a life of compassion and sharing true friendship with as many people as she can reach and encouraging friendship throughout the world is at the core of everything we do!

The mission to help the world was bigger than she ever dreamed, yet her heart was better equipped than ever!  So, after spending her whole life wondering, “What can I do?”  In March 2010, Sara Marie Lahey took her heart, her humor, and the hunt to world and decided – “I can make the world happy!”

The Hunting Happiness Project was made official as a website developed with the intention of creating community on the web.  It became a place for people to receive positive messages and support through our social media messages.  Sara’s never-ending imagination for new projects to serve the world with a maximum dose of happiness has brought to life many inspiring projects.  We have begun organizing projects internationally and we are proud to announce our happiness delivery through our newsletter!