It’s a World Happiness Movement!

No, it’s not lemonade, it’s love and aid!  Walk up and select from a menu of FREE gifts that are sure to make you smile! Find free hugs, high-fives, a fresh baked cookie, or a letter of friendship from a stranger and much more. Love’n Aid is a vehicle for kindness, connection and an opportunity to pay it forward.

Our plan is to reach one million people with this project in the next year!
A hundred high fives.

Give it up high! High Fives are commonly associated with congratulations, victory, celebration, encouragement, joy, and a way to share a common excitement. We think high fives are super happy – we love high fives!
As our mission to bring all things happy to the world, Sara decided to start passing them out. One by one, one smile at a time… and just like that a ripple of happiness is created!

Happiness is where you hunt it.

Have you ever been on a treasure hunt? Have you ever been on a hunt for happiness? In Spring of 2011, while many children were busy hunting eggs for Easter, we set out to show you that you can hunt happiness anywhere!
Watch and see what places we find happiness and see if you can find it during your day in any situation!

Happy Halloween!

Don’t be scared! Be happy! Sara shares her silly pumpkin carving with you to remind you to hunt your happiness!

Coming Soon!


Show me your happy dance!

Have you ever been so elated that you just couldn’t help but let out a jig? Have you ever seen someone get so happy that they just have to wiggle, jiggle, and jump for joy!

Some people have a standard happy dance its the one they use over and over. Some people make new ones each time they need to let one out, and some people keep their happy dances a hidden secret.  Sara wanted to do some investigating so she hit the streets on the hunt for happy dances! See what happy dances were found from the people we came across!

The magic of happiness.

Have you ever experienced magic?  What is it about magic that makes people of all ages smile?

Sometimes happiness just feels like magic! Believing that clues to unlocking happiness might be hiding in magic, we decided to investigate through interviewing the very people who dedicate their lives to delivering magic to the world.
Could looking into the lives of magicians and learning the secrets of trickery give us a deeper understanding about happiness?!
Find out what inspired these people to spend their time enchanting audiences and engaging them in happiness.  Watch and see if you believe in the magic of happiness!