Sara Lahey
Sara is the founder of the Hunting Happiness Project.  Sharp, funny, and vivacious, she won’t give up until she puts a smile on your face.  Sara is a joy to be around! She has a gift for delivering fun, fresh, wild and wonderful projects that truly inspire what she calls “A World Happiness Movement.” Her dedication to bringing happiness to the forefront of popular thinking is contagious and just down-right groovy! Sara was born and raised in Northern California.  Sara speaks fluent Farsi and looks forward to improving her American Sign Language.  Sara studied nursing, political science and geography at Humboldt State University and Sonoma State University.  She believes some of her greatest learning has come from her adamant curiosity, passion for people and travel.  Her dream is to help address questions that see views as roadblocks for happiness – such as how to forgive, how to deal with pain, and how to stay positive and resilient in the face of challenging times.  Sara spent many years as a nanny and personal assistant, always finding the greatest enjoyment in being in service.  She adores children, her family and friends, sunshine and fresh air.  She feels very lucky to have the tremendous love and support of her family and friends.

Director of Photography
Mark Dean

Mark is an experienced photographer with a passion for capturing the true nature of people and places, making him a wonderful partner in documenting the journey of happiness in all of our projects.  He is our superhero!

Mark’s digital imaging experience includes 3D computer graphics, animation, pre-press, publishing & printing, electronic document management, and software development. He spent over 10 years working abroad in France, The Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Germany, Israel, and Italy.  He speaks French, plays piano and loves hiking and traveling. Mark’s photography studio is in San Francisco, California where he specializes in portrait, event, family and business photography.  His work has been seen in the HuffingtonPost.com and Ted.com. For more information please visit his website at: www.markdeanphotography.com

Social Media Mama
Kriz Armytage
Based in Sydney, Australia, Kriz is our superstar social media mama and Love’n Aid volunteer extraordinaire.  Kriz is at the heart of much of the Hunting Happiness Project page on facebook.  She is dedicated to supporting people in their journey to greater happiness through positive messages and humor.  We are delighted to have her on our team!

Love’n Aid Tour
Project Manager
Kai Chotard
Project Manager of Love’n Aid world tour, Kai is powered by his deep commitment to loving, learning and discovering new places and people. His life has been based on the concept of helping anyone, anywhere in need. Kai’s fun-loving high-energy is aimed at helping improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of communities through the Love’n Aid project and in his everyday life.His career reflects over 12 years’ experience in general management, operational leadership, human resources management, event management, resource utilization, instruction and organizational development. Kai has lived 1/3 of his life in USA, 1/3 in France and 1/3 in many other countries in the world.  He is fluent in English, French and Spanish. In all, he has visited over 35 countries.  He absolutely loves his family and friends, for whom he is grateful.

Love’n Aid Tour
Assistant Project Manager
Syska Iacono

Born and raised in the beautiful tropics of Costa Rica, Syska Iacono is the perfect combo of caring, dedicated and full of sunshine… and that’s just what it takes to be our fabulous Assistant Project Manager of the Love’n Aid world tour. Syska has always had a great desire to share happiness with all those she meets.  Her personal passions in happiness are dance and travel. Syska is a certified teacher of dance and is fluent in English and Spanish, with notions in Dutch.

She has lived and worked abroad for many years catering to individuals from all over the world. Syska is truly driven to bring joy into the world.  She is one of our bright shining stars and one of our best on-hand boogie instructors!