Learn about our Partnership program.

Its a golden opportunity. Being a partner means declaring your values as a business or individual by taking action to better the world. Our Loven Aid project is made possible by the generous support of partners. Partners are an essential part of the chain of kindness. It begins with you.


Everyone wins. Our partners win big because their products and services are now associated with kindness that wont be forgotten. As a partner, your name or business logo will be featured on our website declaring your part in creating the model for a world we all want to live in.

The world wins because all the kindness delivered by generous supporters like you is rippling on

Becoming a partner.

You have something special to offer – you have the power to contribute to starting the kindness ripple! To become a partner, all you have to do is help us deliver happiness by donating products or services that promote happiness.

By becoming a partner you are setting an example for others to follow.


Find and support businesses who donate their services to the Loven Aid project!